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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I schedule my project?
A: Our office is open from 8:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday to schedule your project. Contact our scheduling coordinator at (925) 355-1380 and they will ask that you send in your signed contract and Split Invoice Form at that time. You will be given an install date at the time that you call to schedule and we will hold that date for 3 working days while we wait to receive your signed paperwork. If paperwork is not received within those 3 working days of your original call you could run the risk of losing the install date you were originally given.

Q: What time will the installers arrive at my house?
A: If your project is scheduled for a full day the installers will normally arrive between 8:00 -10:00 depending on traffic. If you have a smaller project that is considered a half day project then our office will let you know if it’s going to be an AM or PM project. The installers will arrive between 8:00 -10:00 for AM projects and 11:00 - 1:00 if it’s a PM project.

Q:Do projects ever get rescheduled?
A: Yes, Projects are rescheduled at times because of weather, unforeseen circumstances on other projects that cause delays, customers haven’t turned in their completed paperwork, or material delays from outside vendors. Our staff does their absolute best to avoid these delays and if it happens we do everything in our power to get you back on the schedule on the first available opening.

Site Preparation

Q: What do my neighbors and I need to do to prepare for the installers?
A: Customers need to provide the installers access through their property or adjacent property for our normal construction equipment, material, and employees. We are not responsible for damage to the property that is in the path of the access provided by the customer either above or underground. If access is required through an adjacent property it’s the responsibility of the contracted party to obtain the necessary permission from those parties before the start of the project. In addition to having access to the project a minimum of 2 ft. of clearance is needed along both sides of the fence.

Q: Do I need to remove items from the project before you start?
A: Yes, Anything attached to the project at the time of installation will be considered garbage and will be taken out and disposed of. Any pipes and or electrical equipment attached to the fence needs to be removed from the project before installation as well. We hold no responsibility for items attached to the fence at the time of your project. Please remember we are builders not movers and if we have to spend time moving sheds, and wood piles etc. to make room to install your fence then additional charges will be applied. Keep in mind that your neighbor may be boarding pets or taken time off for work for the construction process and if we are unable to finish because we were busy moving your debris then your neighbor may come knocking for some reimbursement.

Q: Do I need to provide Power and Water?
A: Yes, Power and water are needed during the construction of your project. If you are unable to provide them we will need to be notified at the time of scheduling so that we can make the necessary arrangements. An additional charge of $125.00 will be added to your final bill if we arrive for the installation and we were not notified that power and water are not available.


Q: What type of payments do you except?
A: Check, Visa/MasterCard, and Cash. Checks and Cash can be given to the foreman on the job. If you are planning on paying my credit card please call our office and your information can be taken over the phone and they will immediately email you a receipt.

Q: If I’m sharing the fence with my neighbor can you invoice my neighbor separately?
A: Yes, a Split Invoice Form needs to be filled out and returned by all parties involved. This is something we do as a courtesy for our customers that a lot of companies do not offer. The only catch is that the Split Invoice Form needs to be filled out and returned 1 week prior to your project starting.

Q: How long do I have to pay my bill?
A: Payment is due upon completion of work.


Q: Can I cancel my project after I’ve sent in my signed contract?
A: You can cancel your signed contracted agreement without penalty or obligation by delivering written notice to our office by midnight on the third day after signing. If notice is not received in writing by the third business day a penalty of 10% or $1000.00 whichever is the lesser will be charged to the party listed on the contract. (Acceptable cancelation methods: Mail, Fax, and E-mail)

Q: Can I cancel my project if there are special order products involved?
A: Items such as Ornamental Iron, Chain Link, Decking, Custom Gates, or Special Order wood is often non-refundable and the customer will be responsible for the entire contracted amount of the project. If we can return the merchandise, there will be a restocking fee of up to 50 % of the contacted amount that the contracted party will be responsible for.

Seal & Protect

Q: We selected the Seal & Protect option for our project. Do you do the staining at the same time as the construction?
A: Normally we do. There are times that weather or the materials play a role with that. The product that we use can be applied when it’s above 50 degrees and blow 90 degrees outside with low winds. They also recommend a 24 hour rain free window before and after the installation of their product.

Q: I have my own stain that I want to use can you apply if for me?
A: Unfortunately, no; since we are not familiar with the product or the application techniques we do not apply personally-purchased stains. It is best to consult with a painting contractor if you would like to use your own product.